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Scope of Works

A Scope of Works should be an independently created document from an experienced, qualified, and registered source. This means someone who knows what they are doing and is supported by Professional Indemnity Insurance.


This document provides the foundation for quotes and should be nominated in any contract. Contractors should embrace the opportunity to submit documents based on a third party scope which allows owners to make an informed decision.

What should be included?

•    Required Methodology
•    Product Specification
•    Definition of Works
•    Location of Works
•    Site Management
•    Access Methodology
•    Workmanship Warranty
•    Material Selection

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When is it required?

•    Landscaping
•    Painting
•    Tiling
•    Roofing
•    Balustrade Replacement
•    Waterproofing
•    Window Replacement
•    Structural Repairs
•    Concrete Spalling

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