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Renovation Inspections

In community living The Body Corporate Committee is required under law to maintain the building and the safety of occupants. In doing so “Best Practices” should be the goal of The Committee.


This starts at providing simple language guidelines ensuring lot owners provide satisfactory documentation for body corporate files on completion so that compliance is met.


By having a 3rd party expert sign off on correct specifications and procedures it ensures that the building insurance and structure is not compromised. 

To manage works, the correct regulatory process required for building works should be followed, be it for private lot owners or for common property. 

Our Key Solutions

Inspection and written confirmation of correct practices with regard to the following:
•    Compliant Floor Coverings (Acoustical)
•    Waterproofing and Tile Replacement
•    Balcony Shutter Installation
•    Penetrations in Structure (Air conditioning, Core Drilling, Fire Collars)


Good practice is for advocacy to be held in The Body Corporate bylaws.

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For independent assessment when finalising a renovations application in Body Corporate.

Fixed Fee: $350

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