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Defect Reports

There are those of us who would like to think that ugly paint colour is a building defect, but unfortunately it always comes down to poor taste. 

Dealing with a builder’s defects in a new building, is more complicated than just identifying the problem; it includes understanding the internal processes and inherent weaknesses in the Australian Standards, National Construction Code, and Building Regulations.


We can only succesfully provide a return when engaged by a solicitor, so please first seek legal advice; we would be happy to recommend several for you to contact. 

In a building that's outside of the statutory warranty, it's important to have an expert inspect and report before further expensive diagnostics are explored. Similar to a hospital, we call these 'Triage' as they'll determine the best course of action. 

Typcial areas of concern:

•    Balustrades
•    Tiled Balcony & Podium Areas
•    Waterproof Membranes
•    Structural Faults
•    Window Leaks
•    Roofing Concerns
•    Paint Defects
•    Concrete Spalling
•    Façade Deterioration & Cracking

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