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Defect Reports

There are those of us who would like to think that ugly paint colour is a building defect, but unfortunately it always comes down to poor taste. 

Dealing with builder’s defects is more complicated than just identifying the problem; it includes understanding the internal processes and inherent weaknesses. We try to work with solicitors as often as possible and as early as possible, it assists us in maximising the client’s return. 

A defect can be based upon poor design, workmanship, faulty materials and/or systems that result in failures or potential failures of a building structure. 

Our Key Solutions

We provide four different levels of reports based on the required timeframes and outcomes.

•    Balustrades
•    Tiled Balcony & Podium Areas
•    Waterproof Membranes
•    Structural Faults
•    Window Leaks
•    Roofing Concerns
•    Paint Defects
•    Concrete Spalling
•    Façade Deterioration & Cracking
•    Plumbing & Drainage
•    Cracked Driveways
•    Underpinning Faults