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Dilapidation Survey

A dilapidation survey identifies the current condition and existing structural damage of the common areas of a building with a focus on areas prone to future deterioration. This includes (but is not limited to) cracks in floors, walls, cornices and ceilings; cracks in brickwork, driveways and adjoining footpaths; the breakdown of gutters, down-pipes and other external fixtures or features.

Having an independent expert provide these reports is always considered best practice in protecting your building against fraudulent claims and assisting in 'make good' after construction is complete.
This type of report is conducted at a level that surveys each building element, describing it and providing a photographic library of its current condition.
Any form of property development will often cause a large amount of disturbance to neighboring owners. It is recommended to be proactive before conflict arises, and obtaining a dilapidation survey is the first step.

Property owners who are planning construction projects on their own properties should also obtain a dilapidation report, as it will document any damages or areas of structural weakness before work commences.

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